Thursday, October 6, 2011


So I've decided to be better about updating "the blog." Even though I think nothing exciting ever goes on in our lives... haha. And.... like anyone ever reads it anyway.. but, it's kinda fun sometimes. So yesterday was the first semi cold day starting this fall.... yeah.. our house was a little colder than usual, but I was determined to endure and not turn the heater on. Needless to say when Alex mentioned it was cold last night I howled... "get a blanket." So now it's snowing outside.. yes.. snowing on October 6th! I'm sitting here thinking.. gosh it's cold... maybe I should turn the heater on.. haha... Noooo I can't give in. Not a word to Alex about this! :-)

Friday, September 30, 2011


Yes... we finally got to go on vacation!!! It was a blast! We decided that we needed a little happiness and what better place to go than the happiest place on earth! Yes... Disney World! We spent two weeks in sunny Florida. We were theme parked out by the end of the trip, but since we have been back I often dream of being back with Mickey. We experienced all four Disney theme parks, including one of the water parks and also Universal (yes the Harry Potter city is cool) Sea World and various activities including air boat ride to see Alligators. To our surprise the Clifton family was there at the exact same time. Fun times had by all.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bear World

In October we took some of our nieces and nephews (McKayla,Tressa,Kylan, and Brody) to Yellowstone Bear World. Alex and I had never been there. It was quite fun and we even got a free ride in the truck that goes around and feeds the animals. Tressa was being the photographer and accidentally (but ohh so funny) took a picture of Kylan with horns! aka moose in background. It is a lot bigger than I thought it ever was. It is a great experiance. Everyone should head out there at least once. Kiddo's would love it.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


So after we moved into our new house we discovered after coming back from vacation that we had a house mouse. Well as time went on we discovered it wasn't just one house mouse but a whole family of house mice. Yuck! After endless failed attempts to get rid of them, we got two kittens from the farm in Murtaugh. Needless to say we haven't seen one mouse since then. Keeping our fingers crossed! We could never decide on names for the brother kittens until I had to take one of them to the vet and so I randomly put down Lionus on the paper and so that's his name. The other is Tigg. We always thought one of them looked like a lion and the other a tiger, so the names stuck. They are a lot bigger now and are loving being able to be outside.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Year in Review #5

In May we made the long journey to Australia. We visited family in Melbourne and Perth. We were there for about 2 and a half weeks. It was winter over there so it rained and was in the 70's. Nice weather if you ask me.
Plenty of Kangaroos over there. It was Joey season, where they are just big enough to be seen in the pouch. This one was shy and all we could see was his legs sticking out.
This little guy is called a Quokka. Only found on Rottnest Island. They are marsupials and are about the size of a large rat or small dog. Way cute!
This is a picture from the ferry of Rottnest Island off of Perth, very pretty. The beaches are spectacular and you can only get around the island by bicycle. They have plenty to rent, it was a fun experience.
So while in Australia I ran across Steve Erwin. Yes folks he's still alive! Kidding... this little boy in the picture just jumped in and started jabbering away to me while we were trying to take the picture. lol
The one thing that still amazes me and makes be realized I'm in another country is these birds! They are all over the place and hang out in flocks. Cockatoos are native to Australia.

Year in Review #4

The End of April we bought our first home. It's on Iona, and we absolutely love it! We to this day are still doing landscaping, so more pictures to come. :-)

Can I just say Vegas in April is sooooo nice! It was still in the 90's during the days, but the nights were ohh so sweet! We were there for NAB... for those of you who don't know what that is.. it's a show were all the new Techy "stuff" is revealed. Yep.. Alex is in to that stuff... some of it I do admit was cool.. like Sony's 3D televisions.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Year in Review #3

We also went to the Cactus gardens in Henderson (i think) they were so pretty. The candy factory next door was pretty cool as well.

This is the little yellow bug we rented while in Vegas... needless to say Alex was horribly embarrassed to be driving it around he states "it's a girl car". haha Well we never lost it in a parking garage and people did stare a lot. lol
While in Vegas we made our way to the Coca Cola factory and samples their flavors from around the world... some were yummy.. others were just disgusting.
Many, Many samples at Coca Cola world.

Year in Review #2

Sometime back in January we made a trip to the Grand Tetons.. tons of wildlife and beautiful scenery.
As tradition has it we went to the Forgotten Carols here in Idaho Falls... I still love it everytime I see it! We also Celebrated our one year anniversary in November! :-)
If you don't already know.. Alex has a passion for cars.. especially the heavy duty American Trucks... we went to the car show in Utah in January as well.
On the same Trip to Utah, Alex's mate Ben came to visit from Australia. He stayed with us for a while so we had fun showing him around... Gotta love the Wendy's! We also made a Napolean Dynamite tour out of the trip.

Year in Review #1

So Waaay back last August Alex and I had the opportunity to take one of his Aussie friends around for a couple days, so we of course went to all the normal sites in Salt Lake area, along with making the trek up to Timpanogous Cave... Hello.. I thought I was going to die!!! It was well worth the hike though. We then got to take him to the MTC.. yes he's serving in San Jose! He's doing great!!!